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i often dream of heaven
to me, it's being alone with
the stars and you
that feeling of bliss is always enough
to make me think i'm there

when I look at the sky
i think of the milky way.
i think of the way i made you laugh
enough to spill milk from your nose.
it's those kinds of moments that your eyes shine.

the heat of summer
sizzles around us, mixed with
all of our bittersweet memories,
and all of our waxwork'd pain,
(because we both have extra slabs of each)

i remember you saying
that one of these days
you would leave this place
(sometimes I thought you meant
to leave me behind)

i tried to give you a star once,
when we were seven (but i know you don't remember.)
i named it sprinkles, and
colored a certificate, only to find out
someone had already bought it...

(that was the worst day yet
because i knew the only thing
left to give you was my heart
[and it was already shattered to
pieces on the floor before you]
but you won't pick up "junk")

alone with the stars,
and you, is the place for me.
i can't tell whether you want me,
or if i'm on the same level as a star;
one can look but not approach.
but don't stars need love too?
Written (technically) July 29, 2009

FULL TITLE: Wandering Lights In An Empty Sky

a collab with the amazing
and ever so wonderful ~xDeadwithoutMusic

please favorite hers too ^___^
betwixtthepages Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh...excellent. "The more you try to distance yourself from such emotions in attempt to never hurt, the more you end up hurting anyway."

This is a great collab, you two! Nicely done. I want to reach through my screen and squeeze every beautiful line in hopes some of that beauty might rub off on my fingers for a day.
RunawayStarfish Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009
Thank you ^____^

Im really proud of the work that DeadwithoutMusic and I accomplish
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July 29, 2009
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